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Jimin headshot.png

Jimin is a third-year doctoral student studying the role of causal inference and advanced statistical methods to promote better learning environments for students. Her research focuses on assessing generalization methods in various conditions such as in small samples and in contexts in which core assumptions are violated. She originally comes from South Korea, and prior to coming to the U.S. for graduate study, she worked as an elementary school teacher.



Kat is a second-year doctoral student studying Quantitative Methods. Her work focuses on causal inference and multilevel modeling. She is especially interested in using quasi-experimental methods to explore heterogeneous treatment effects in large observational data, such as one project evaluating absenteeism in New York City public schools. Kat is also working on a Master’s degree in Statistics with The Wharton School, and prior to pursuing graduate study, she taught special education in the Bronx.

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